Is Chat GPT-4 a new tool which will change everybody’s life? If so, will it be a tool that’s actually helping us at school, at home or at work? Or will it be a perfect tool for criminals? Our LK 12 sat down to discuss the pros and cons. What do you think? Comment below.



“The power of AI will lead us to a better quality of life” (Scott Huthrie). GPT-4: a new innovation to learn faster and even more efficient than Chat GPT. But is this really the case? AI will improve everyone’s lives at an instant due to knowledge and education being available to everyone at any time. This could shrink the gap between rich and poor people, since education is no longer based on income.

Through ChatGPT-4, artificial intelligence will make work even more efficient for everyone. Home office and quality time with friends or family will be two components that can be easily combined with support of AI.

Furthermore it will help any age group since the time spent at school could be minimized. AI could teach more subjects in less time and teachers could focus on creativity, group work and interactive education in presence instead of repelling ChatGPT-4. Schools could teach students to use it to its best extend.

In addition users can now integrate ChatGPT-4 into other apps such as Q-Chat of Quizet or Speak to engange students in language learning and to support them with „language coaches“.

In conclusion, the rapid growth of technology can be frightening but we shouldn’t let our fears guide us. Instead we should focus on teaching youth to be able to use ChatGPT-4 correctly and maximize its opportunities, while not neglecting their ability to think critical and form their own opinion.

An AI Chat bot available since November 2022 published by OpenAi uses natural language to create humanlike conversational dialogue. It responds to questions and composes various written content including articles, social media posts, essays and emails. This versality can however not only be used in a positive way to support societies’ development but can also be misused easily.

First of all, ChatGPT is a tool which can endanger many lives if it lands in the wrong hands. For example, it can be used to write fake news and publish propaganda imagery, as CNBC acknowledges.

Additionally, NYT reporters found out that criminals can easily ask ChatGPT for manuals to build chemical bombs or purchase guns online. According to the University of Berkely, the AI tool also has the skill to spread false information on other AIs, like BARD.

Furthermore, while using ChatGPT, users have been getting inaccurate or false answers, which resulted in frustration and confusion. Hence ChatGPT is still limited to only certain topics and is not trustworthy for work or school projects.

Due to the fact that ChatGPT learns from the data found in the WWW, it is also possible that the AI will adopt unwanted behavior from racist or sexist content found online.

In context of schools it is clear that students may cheat their way to university. In addition, their ability to express their own ideas and perspectives will be limited by the AI. Students will tend to not put their full effort into truly learning and understanding school material. Instead, they may simply copy and paste.

Regarding all of the aspects mentioned above it is very clear that ChatGPT is a very dangerous tool and could affect all of us. Our world population would become more stupid and reduce their creativity potential. In order to prevent that, schools will have to lock and block ChatGPT on their WIFI and inform about the AI.